Know before you go!

Let's face it – you are busy! And you are the type of person who likes to plan ahead, so we came up with a list of 10 things you should know before you go to GET AIR Indoor Trampoline Park.

1. Fill out waivers

By clicking on the 'Online Waiver' tab, you can fill out the waiver to jump before you go! This will reduce your check in time, and keep you from waiting in a second line. Keep in mind the waiver needs to be done by a parent or legal guardian for children less than 18 years old. Everyone who enters the facility MUST have a waiver on file.

2. Watch the Safety video

Please be sure that every person attending the park watches the safety video and understands the park rules. When you arrive, the video will be playing in the lobby with the addition of ATTENTION and WARNING signs you should read and understand as well. You can also find the safety video on our website under the safety tab.

3. Children under 10 years old MUST be with a supervising adult at all times

While every child under 18 needs a parent or legal guarding to sign the waiver, children under 10 years old cannot be dropped off without an adult. Please ensure all children understand the rules and regulations of the park before dropping them off to jump.

4. Peak times at the park

Typical our busy days are Friday nights, Saturdays, Sundays along with and school breaks and holidays. If you want to avoid the crowds come Monday-Thursday. Or if you want to be part of the scene show up on weekend nights.

5. Buy Get Air grip socks and bring them back

Purchase your Get Air socks at the front desk! They are inexpensive and strategically designed to prevent you from slipping while you jump! They keep our trampolines and your feet clean. They are machine washable and reusable. Turn them inside out to prevent the grip from peeling off in the wash. So, bring them back to use again and again!

6. Drink plenty of water

Come hydrated and stay hydrated. As with any exercise, it is important to drink plenty of water. You are welcome to bring in your own water bottles. We also have drinking fountains and some vending machines you can use as well. We suggest you don't jump after eating.

7. Jumping is not required

You are not required to jump if you come to Get Air! There is no admission charge for guests that are not jumping or participating in the activities. We have massage chairs for parents or other guests who are not jumping that day! We have pathways and seating all over the jump area so you can easily watch your children do their cool moves.

8. You can bring your little kids too!

Get Air has a special jumping area for jumpers under 46" in height! All ages are welcome at Get Air, as long as you are able to jump and are walking on your own. Little Air jumpers also have access to slam ball, foam pits, slack line, fidget ladder and Little Air area. Little Air is a unique feature that you won't find elsewhere.

9. Listen to announcements

Listen to announcements to know when your time is up. The color on your wristband indicates what time your jump time ends. We will announce over the intercom when your wristband color is up.

10. Buy 2 hours

There's so much to do at GET AIR one hour just isn't enough. We offer 2-hour jump times with the second hour at a discounted rate! What a deal!